Webdesigners & Agencies

As a business which designed sites for many years ourselves, we’re aware how difficult it can be to keep things up to date for your clients.

WordPress needs to be kept regularly updated in order to remain secure. If you’re busy designing new sites for your customers, you may struggle to find the time.

If your clients can’t find the time to do those updates either, the result is a bunch of insecure WordPress installations. Not good for your reputation or your clients’ businesses.

We can carry out that task for you. Our Managed WordPress Hosting monitors an installation and enables us to update core files, themes and plugins as soon as new versions are released. We also provide scheduled WP backups to the cloud for peace of mind.

You or your agency can earn a profit from outsourcing that to us.

We can host your client sites or they can remain on their current hosting and we’ll just centrally monitor and update the core software, themes and plugins as required. We bill you per site (monthly or yearly) and you invoice your clients. Sorted.

Get in touch and we’ll send you some information.