About Wensum.net

Originally trading as ‘Chroma’ and established over 19 years ago, the business which was involved in the video game and software design industry (now officially trading as Wensum.net / Norfolk Internet) has grown and matured. As Wensum.net’s client base and product portfolio expanded, its original business concept of providing a purely personalised service for clients wishing to establish a web presence also evolved significantly. The new brand, Norfolk Internet, was therefore created in order to provide ‘traditional’ ISP services, with Wensum.net concentrating on webdesign, ecommerce site building and ‘face-to-face’ consultancy.

officeWensum.net / Norfolk Internet’s products and services are provided in partnership with several carefully-chosen Teir1 providers. These companies offer a combination of innovative products along with a high level of experience and support. Our offerings are not chosen on price alone, but primarily using the criteria of performance and cost-effectiveness – providing good service levels as well as value.

We have extensive experience in the hosting field, having orininally  maintained clients’ sites at their own ISPs such as Demon and BT as well as providing our own Windows NT/2000 hosting for clients for several years. Norfolk Internet hosting, though, is Linux based, giving independent webmasters an extremely wide range of quality features at low cost, using a shared hosting environment. We are also trusted to look after the hosting services of other webdesign business’ clients.

We’re good value – offering good products at reasonable prices. We use the same services that we resell and are happy to be associated with them. Our charges aren’t inflated for a fast profit, but neither are they pitched too low to maintain a sustainable business.

We’re experienced – in fact we’re experienced enough to know that we don’t know all the answers ourselves! If you need support, you’ll get swift attention and a helpful, friendly service, provided in conjunction with the high quality backup we recieve from our business and technical partners.

We care – and the fact that we have a very high retention of customers underlines that fact. It’s something to be proud of. We are members of CISAS – the UK’s Communication and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme, which provides a government-regulated dispute resolution service for our customers and also members of the FSB.

We’re available – we pick up lots of new business from clients whose previous website designers weren’t! We’re open during normal business hours and have easily-accessible offices in our town centre.