Our broadband provider of choice is Plusnet. We use their service in our office and at home as well.

Why Plusnet?

We’ve found that the broadband speed from different non-cable providers is roughly the same. They use the same or similar BT-based connections across the country, so wherever you are your speed is normally going to be similar to other users of different ISPs in your location.

The main difference between providers is their service – how efficiently they set up your connection, their billing system and probably most importantly their after-sales support. Plusnet provide a decent service using UK-based support staff, without charging a premium.

Plusnet haven’t put a foot wrong for us in the years we’ve used their service. We’ve moved office twice, moved from another ISP and ordered extra features without any issues and are very happy to recommend them.

In fact, if you quote our username ‘wensumdotnet’ when you sign up with them, we actually earn some money off our bill – if you like their service too, you can do exactly the same with their ‘refer a friend’ scheme.

Plusnet Broadband