Got a question? Maybe one of these FAQs cover it. If not, just give us a shout.
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Is my website down?

Sometimes it seems like your website is down, but there’s something stopping just you from seeing it. That could be a firewall block or DNS problems at your ISP.

Use an external service such as Down For Everyone Or Just Me? to check whether it’s the same for everybody.

Occasionally, we find clients whose domain has lapsed – perhaps they have forgotten to renew or their card details are no longer up to date on their registrar’s system.

Check the status of UK domains at Nominet and other domains at ICANN

How do I get support?

For greatest efficiency, please don’t phone or email us with support issues. Use our dedicated support system. Create a support ticket and you’ll be able to update us, answer questions and see the status of your ticket on demand.

cPanel Account Migrations

We can transfer your existing hosting account, complete with all settings, files, databases and emails, if it is currently hosted using cPanel. All we require is your current username and password and we’ll take care of it. You’ll then be able to simply change your domain’s nameservers and host your site with us.


Can I point additional domain names at my account?

You can park supplementary domains on your hosting account so that they appear on the same website. That’s also referred to as ‘Aliasing’. We don’t allow more than one website on a single account though.

Can you register a domain for me?

Yes we can. Let us know the domain you’re after and we’ll send you pricing info. We also host domains you have registered elsewhere.

How do I find my domain’s existing nameservers?

An easy way is to visit Nominet’s ‘whois’ page and type in your domain name. It will show you the nameservers your domain currently points to.

Pointing your domain to our server

When your account is created, we send an email with your cPanel account information which contains the correct nameservers to use. Log into the control panel at your domain registrar and change the nameservers to the ones we provide and within a day or two all traffic will resolve to your new hosting account.


Can I use an external email service like Exchange or Google?

Yes. You can add the required MX settings from within the DNS Zone Manager in cPanel to enable mail to be sent to an external service. We can do that for you if you provide us with the settings you need.

What kind of email facilities do you provide?

You can use mailboxes in POP3 (messages are stored on your computer) or IMAP mode (messages are stored on the server). The number of mailboxes is not limited, but storage is limited by the total diskspace available on your hosting account.


What do you take care of in a Managed account?

We centrally monitor your WordPress site and update any themes and plugins that have new versions available. We also update the core software when new versions of WordPress are released. In addition, we create a scheduled offsite backup for your WordPress files and database, stored in the cloud.

NB this does not include the creation of new site content.


Can i get refunded if I cancel?

No. Hosting accounts are paid in full in advance for the agreed duration. If you envisage cancelling after a short time, please select a monthly payment schedule. There is no penalty for cancelling before your schedule expires.


Invoices are normally issued 14 days before payment is due. If unpaid, reminder emails are sent. If an invoice remains unpaid, you will be in danger of having your service suspended and eventually ceased.

Payment Methods

We accept BACS (bank transfers), Direct Debit, credit cards (online) and Paypal payments. The emails we send with our invoices contain a link for you to pay online.

We offer monthly payments, with an option to pay annually and save money.


What colours do Labradors come in?

There are three ‘official’ colours recognised by The Kennel Club – black, yellow and liver/chocolate. Sometimes, all three colours can be represented in a single litter!

How fast can a Labrador run?

Apparently, a Lab can hit twelve miles per hour from a standing start within three seconds!

The Black Dog

The phrase Black Dog‘s association with depression can be traced back to the ancient poets Horace and Appollonius, but was famously used later by Dr. Samuel Johnson and Churchill to label their own struggle with the condition. Depression affects many of us and can become completely debilitating for some.

We encourage donations to the Norfolk branch of Mind, the UK charity for better mental health. They ensure that anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support.

You can donate via JustGiving here…