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  1. “We’ll be responsible for all backups and WP updates”
    We’ll leave you to make backups and update your core WordPress and plugin files. This should be done regularly, as an outdated installation can be targeted by hackers. We strongly suggest that you back up files and database before updating.
  2. “Please monitor and confirm before major WP updates”
    We’ll add your site to our site monitoring list, add a security plugin and let you know when major WordPress releases are available. We’ll then update WP and all plugins for you, but only after your confirmation that you want us to undertake the work. We charge for an hour of our time for ad-hoc WP updates
  3. “We’d like a Supervised WP Hosting account”
    We’ll add your site to our synchronised update system, add a security plugin and make sure the core files and plugins are kept current. No need to confirm that you want us to do the work. Includes basic SSL, monthly backups and standard hosting fees – £155.88 per year (paid annually) works out considerably cheaper than standard hosting plus ad-hoc updates through the year.
  4. “We’d like a Managed WP Hosting account”
    All WP updates regularly undertaken for you, with weekly offsite backups and disaster recovery – we’ll work on restoring your site if things go wrong. Security plugin installed. You also get an SSL certificate for more secure administration, added visitor confidence and improved Google ranking. £215.88 pa including hosting fees.
  5. “We’d like a Directed WP Hosting account”
    All WP updates regularly undertaken for you, with SSL, daily offsite backups and disaster recovery. Plus, we’ll work on your website content for up to an hour each month – running your blog, adding news posts or products to your ecommerce shop and making sure new content is correctly tagged for Google. £479.88.88 pa including hosting fees.

Find out more about the Managed and Supervised accounts here.

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