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WordPress Updates

wordpress_logoThe next version of WordPress is 4.7, due for release during the first week or two of December and is the final major release of 2016.

For websites not signed up to one of our Supervised or Managed WordPress Hosting accounts, we’ll no longer be notifying the owners manually when core and plug-in updates are available so we’ve taken these sites off our central monitoring systems. However, it’s really important to keep your WordPress software up-to-date to avoid being hacked, so instead we have installed a plug-in which will automatically email the website owner whenever updates are ready to install.

Please note that due to server-wide security implications of outdated software, we may need to close down any sites which are in imminent danger of being hacked or which have been infected by malware. This would not only render your website unreachable, but would stop your email working too. It’s therefore in your interest to keep your WordPress site updated.

Our Supervised WordPress Hosting costs just £9.99 per month and for that we’ll monitor and update core software and plug-ins regularly for you (we check them almost daily). Our Managed Account also includes scheduled off-site backups, disaster recovery and a secure certificate at just £14.99 per month. To emphasise what good value that is, we just Googled and immediately found  a company advertising their own WP upgrade service at $247 a time!

Please note that outcome of disaster recovery cannot be guaranteed and if you’re not using our Managed Hosting we reserve the right to charge for the time we spend working on your site trying to reinstate it.

If you’d like to install that update notification plug-in on your own site, search the plugin directory for ‘Mail On Update’.


Change of IP and new extra capacity

Websites using our wensuminternet nameservers will be getting a different (dedicated) server IP address. This is to alleviate problems with email blacklisting caused by other website owners hosting malware on the shared platform.

Work to change the IP will be done overnight tonight (24/10/16 – 25/10/16). Hopefully, clients shouldn’t see any issues, but if you encounter IP-related problems please get in touch and we’ll get them sorted ASAP.

Our new hosting capacity uses fast SSD drives and represents our fourth UK-based expansion of shared hosting facilities. We currently host in 4 different UK datacentres to maintain resilience and a higher degree of redundancy (ie not all our hosted websites can become unavailable if network trouble is encountered). The new setup already uses a dedicated IP for our client sites to mitigate the possibility of email blacklisting.




You may have noticed that we no longer resell broadband. Our supplier Entanet, although providing a great product and high levels of support, could not compete with other suppliers on cost – especially when compared to ISPs offering ‘bundle deals’.

We searched far and wide for a new supplier for our broadband in the office and finally found one which provided a good level of service and were still very competitive. Support staff are quick to respond and are UK based. The provider is actually owned by BT. Who is it?

Unlimited business broadband from £15.99 a month
We can thoroughly recommend them, having had their phone and broadband service installed in the office and at home!

WordPress v4.5 Released

wordpress_logoThe latest version of WordPress was recently released and by yesterday (14th), we’d updated over 50 sites to the new core version of the software. It’s the first major release of 2016 and it’s named ‘Coleman’ in honour of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. Expect to see minor updates to 4.5 quite soon, which should automatically install as they become available – they’re tweaks and fixes in response to user feedback after the major update.

We’ve contacted WP-hosted site owners who have asked for upgrades in the past, but are not on our Supervised or Managed WordPress Hosting, to see if they want backups made and core files updated. It’s a very important task which needs to be done ASAP to avoid allowing the site to become vulnerable to hackers. If you don’t wish to undertake the update yourself, please get in touch to request the work.

What new features are introduced? There’s extra support for site logos and icons, new responsive previews within the Customizer section (you can now see what the site will look like on a smartphone), enhancements to image generation and improved comment moderation. The Visual Editor has some tweaks too, with inline links and some text shortcuts. One extra you’ll probably notice first of all is the addition of an email address option when you log into your dashboard – handy if you forget your username!

Oktoberfest Offer – Six Months Free


From now until the end of October 2015 we’re running an extra special hosting promotion. Bring your website hosting to us and pay nothing until April 2016!!!

oktoberfest offer

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • 500MB Diskspace
  • Fast SSD Storage Cloud
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • POP3 or IMAP Email
  • Webmail Access
  • FTP Access
  • PHP/MySQL/Cpanel
  • One-click App Installation
  • MagicSpam Protection

Why are we doing this? Because we want to earn your business and become your long-term web hosts. We’re confident that you’ll want to keep your hosting with us after the initial 6 months are up and this is a no-risk way for you to try us out.

How much will it cost after 6 months? Our standard business hosting is £60 per year. We’ll invoice you on 1st April 2016 and your regular annual hosting payments will begin then. You’ll be able to pay via cheque, card, BACS, Direct Debit, Paypal or even Bitcoin. Absolutely no contracts are required, but refunds for unused account time aren’t offered.

Can we get the offer with your specialist WordPress Hosting? This offer is available for our Supervised WordPress Hosting accounts too. Your monthly invoices (£9.99) will begin in April 2016 – until then you can enjoy our centralised monitoring, WordPress core file and plugin updates free of charge. Unfortunately our Managed WordPress accounts aren’t available with this offer.

Are there any conditions? Yes – you’ll need to be a new customer and to apply for your Oktoberfest deal through our dedicated application form below, before the end of October 2015. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate the account if we deem it necessary for technical reasons or if we think it breaks our Terms & Conditions. UK customers only.


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Any Questions?

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Why are you offering Free Web hosting for 3 months and what’s included?
Because we are committed to earning your business for the long term and because we wanted to get and keep your attention. We are so confident that you’ll be pleased with our services that you’ll stay and recommend us to your friends and associates.

Upgrades now complete

The weekend planned upgrade to cloud hosting accounts (those sites using the ns1 and nameservers) has now taken place. Apart from a couple of teething troubles, the change seems to have been almost seamless with minimal disruption.

Sites on our cloud service should now see a considerable speed increase and will enjoy a heightened level of DDOS protection due to extra facilities now installed.

Please note that the IP address of your website has now changed to – if you use the old IP to access any features of your account (ie FTP, email etc) please take this into account. You should always use your domain name as the hostname where possible to ensure that IP changes don’t cause problems.

If you have any residual issues you suspect may stem from the changes, please email and we’ll look into it for you right away.

Maintenance this weekend

Maintenance this weekend – network upgrades scheduled for Saturday 20th June starting at 1am. This will affect websites and email using ns1 and nameservers.

The maintenance window should only be an hour or two and servers will not physically alter, but includes an IP address change for these nameservers which may take up to 48 hours to propagate across the internet. If you can’t ‘see’ your website or pick up email for an extended period please call 07947 557208 for support. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Your WordPress Website Hosting

wordpress_logoA word about hosting for WordPress sites and software updates…

WordPress currently has around three major software updates a year –

It’s really important to keep WPs’ core files up to date, as along with improvements to features the authors patch any security issues they find. Sites with security holes are the favourite target of hackers.

It can’t be stressed strongly enough – these updates need to be undertaken and should not be ignored or delayed more than is strictly neccesary. If you prefer to do these updates yourself, that’s great – we’re happy to advise you on the best way to go about things to minimise disruption and ensure your site doesn’t break during the update. This DIY strategy has the advantage of keeping your total hosting costs down to £60 per year.

If you’d prefer us to do these important updates, we charge for an hour’s work each time. Over a year which has three WP releases, this would be charged at 3 x £30 if done individually. Total annual hosting costs would therefore work out at £150. It needs a response from you, as a WP site owner, to trigger the work off each time (a newsletter is emailed to all our WP site owners informing them of a new release, asking for their OK to do the update and to bill for the work).

Our Supervised Hosting works out at just under £120 per year (£9.99 per month) which includes hosting fees. WP updates are automatically done when new releases (including minor updates) are available. As well as saving a bit of money, it spreads hosting fees out through the year and makes sure that all WP files – including plugins – are updated regularly.

If you’d like to change over to a Supervised Hosting account, get in touch and we’ll arrange to cancel your standard hosting and set up your site up on our centralised maintenance schedule.

PC Repair & Support in Fakenham

A new service is now available at Wensum Towers – computer repair and IT support, courtesy of Andrew Simnor of

Andrew SimnorAndrew is a network analyst and provides PC and laptop repair on both Windows and Apple platforms, for home and business users. He’ll be based at our Oak Street, Fakenham town centre office. Having undertaken work for several of our clients recently (and we had some very nice feedback from them) Andrew gets our wholehearted recommendation for all your knotty computer problems.

Andrew’s area of expertise compliments’s business nicely and we’re really looking forward to working with him in the months to come.

So, whether you need to get to grips with iCloud on your Mac, have some dodgy malware on your laptop or your network has a server going AWOL, get in touch or drop off your machine at the office during business hours.


Supervised WordPress Hosting

We’ve now added a hosting account specifically for WordPress site owners who want us to undertake their core file and plugin updates throughout the year. It formalises the ad-hoc arrangements we previously offered for WP update work and saves you some time and money too!

Supervised WordPress Hosting doesn’t include all the security, backup and recovery features included in our Managed WordPress Hosting account, but offers a considerable cost saving over paying for update work on an ad-hoc basis – during a year with four new major WordPress releases, you’ll save £60! It also means that there’s no need to give the go-ahead for any WP update work – we just get on and do it for you as a matter of course.

You’ll get the added benefit of regular WordPress plugin updates too – using our centralised site monitoring system, we’re able to install all plugin updates as soon as they’re released.

Take a look at the details of this and our ‘bells & whistles’ Managed accounts here.