Upgrade & server move on 1/8/2017

An upgrade and server move is planned for accounts currently hosted on the mycpanelcloud server and using ns1.wensuminternet.co.uk and ns2.wensuminternet.co.uk nameservers. Look up your domain’s nameservers here to see if your site will be affected.

Support staff will begin synchronising ALL customer accounts (including emails, databases, web files and cPanel settings) from 22:00 the evening before 1st August 2017, and we expect the process to complete by 06:00. Sometime during the above window your account on the old server will be suspended, and the DNS system will begin directing traffic to the new server.

As your hosting plan now uses SpamExperts, all email will be redirected to the new server as soon as the account transfer completes. You should not lose any email.

This critical upgrade will require that you adjust your email software settings, so please read the following carefully.

Email Software Settings

All login usernames and passwords remain unchanged but you MUST update your mail client settings on move day (Doing so before WILL break your email!)

Your new Incoming (POP3/IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) server name, if set to cloud06.mycpanelcloud.co.uk MUST be changed to fluorine.cloudhosting.co.uk

Please note that if you’re currently using your domain name as the mail server then no change is needed.

For improved security, mail will require that SSL/TLS is enabled for Incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP connections. If this is disabled you won’t be able to collect email on the new server. You can activate SSL/TLS security immediately to avoid disruption.

NB these settings changes ONLY apply to this server. If we host your site on another server, all settings will remain as now.