WordPress Updates

wordpress_logoThe next version of WordPress is 4.7, due for release during the first week or two of December and is the final major release of 2016.

For websites not signed up to one of our Supervised or Managed WordPress Hosting accounts, we’ll no longer be notifying the owners manually when core and plug-in updates are available so we’ve taken these sites off our central monitoring systems. However, it’s really important to keep your WordPress software up-to-date to avoid being hacked, so instead we have installed a plug-in which will automatically email the website owner whenever updates are ready to install.

Please note that due to server-wide security implications of outdated software, we may need to close down any sites which are in imminent danger of being hacked or which have been infected by malware. This would not only render your website unreachable, but would stop your email working too. It’s therefore in your interest to keep your WordPress site updated.

Our Supervised WordPress Hosting costs just £9.99 per month and for that we’ll monitor and update core software and plug-ins regularly for you (we check them almost daily). Our Managed Account also includes scheduled off-site backups, disaster recovery and a secure certificate at just £14.99 per month. To emphasise what good value that is, we just Googled and immediately found  a company advertising their own WP upgrade service at $247 a time!

Please note that outcome of disaster recovery cannot be guaranteed and if you’re not using our Managed Hosting we reserve the right to charge for the time we spend working on your site trying to reinstate it.

If you’d like to install that update notification plug-in on your own site, search the WordPress.org plugin directory for ‘Mail On Update’.