Free Pocket Guide to WordPress Security

wordpress_logoIf you look after a WordPress-powered website and you’re responsible for its security, you’ll be interested in this giveaway…

iThemes is a company in the USA whose software is used at extensively. We’ve used their ‘Builder’ framework to design bespoke layouts for a good while and also their iThemes Security and BackupBuddy plugins to look after completed sites. They’ve produced a free e-book all about WP security issues – basically, how to go about making sure your WP website stays online and minimizing the risk of security-related problems. Although it was published a little while back, all the principles still hold true and it contains great advice.

Download it here – WordPress-Security-ebook.pdf

It covers security, making backups and disaster recovery – all the services we provide our clients as part of our Supervised and Managed WordPress hosting accounts (we also use a central monitoring system to keep an eye on things remotely).