Your WordPress Website Hosting

wordpress_logoA word about hosting for WordPress sites and software updates…

WordPress currently has around three major software updates a year –

It’s really important to keep WPs’ core files up to date, as along with improvements to features the authors patch any security issues they find. Sites with security holes are the favourite target of hackers.

It can’t be stressed strongly enough – these updates need to be undertaken and should not be ignored or delayed more than is strictly neccesary. If you prefer to do these updates yourself, that’s great – we’re happy to advise you on the best way to go about things to minimise disruption and ensure your site doesn’t break during the update. This DIY strategy has the advantage of keeping your total hosting costs down to £60 per year.

If you’d prefer us to do these important updates, we charge for an hour’s work each time. Over a year which has three WP releases, this would be charged at 3 x £30 if done individually. Total annual hosting costs would therefore work out at £150. It needs a response from you, as a WP site owner, to trigger the work off each time (a newsletter is emailed to all our WP site owners informing them of a new release, asking for their OK to do the update and to bill for the work).

Our Supervised Hosting works out at just under £120 per year (£9.99 per month) which includes hosting fees. WP updates are automatically done when new releases (including minor updates) are available. As well as saving a bit of money, it spreads hosting fees out through the year and makes sure that all WP files – including plugins – are updated regularly.

If you’d like to change over to a Supervised Hosting account, get in touch and we’ll arrange to cancel your standard hosting and set up your site up on our centralised maintenance schedule.